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Group Class and Dance Policies
Group Classes and Adult Open Dances are offered to couples.  We do not rotate partners during lessons or dancing so each participant must bring a dance partner.

Group class sizes are limited. Pre-registration is the best way to reserve your place in class.  We cannot guarantee a place in class if you have not pre-registered.

There is a registration deadline set 4 days before the class.  We must have a minimum for 2 couples registered to hold a class.  Class registrants will be notified if a class cancels.

Open Dances are open to the public.  There is no limit or pre-registration required.

Footwear Policy

When you come to  dance, whether for class or open dance, you must bring  a clean, dry pair of shoes to change into before entering the dance area.  Shoes with a back, smooth bottoms and lower heels are preferable  for ease of movement. No spiked heels will be allowed. Thank you for helping us preserve the surface of the floor.

All classes and open dances listed on this page are held at Balleraena Dance Studio, 6901 S Louise Ave, Sioux Falls, SD. 

How to Register for Group Class

1.  Contact us at DateNight or 605-338-3685 before the deadline to register for class. We need your names and a phone number where we can reach you to get you on the class list. 

2. Print and complete the registration form (see link below) and bring it with your payment to your class.

Group class sizes are limited so register early.  If you find that you can not attend the class after you've registered, please let  us know so we can open your spot to someone else.
In-Studio Events
At this open dance...
We will celebrate our High School Seniors with a graduation recognition. This dance will feature a Waltz lesson, line dances and dance mixers.  We do rotate partners during our lesson and the dance mixers.  Teens ask one another to dance during the variety of dances through the night.  We are available to assist with dance steps as needed.
About Open Dances

Periodically, on weekend evenings, Date Night Dance hosts dances open to the public.  Open dances are a wonderful opportunity to practice what you’ve learned in a class and to get a taste of some other dances.  They are also great for people wanting to come in and give partner dancing a try.

There is no experience or pre-registration required.  Open dances include a beginning lesson in a different dance each time.  We also play a variety of music and teach basic steps throughout the dance.

Teen Dance with Lesson

  • Teenagers 13 - 19 are welcome to attend
  • Teens may attend alone or with a partner
  • We rotate partners during the lesson and dance mixers. 

Adult Dance with Lesson

  • The dance starts with a beginning lesson
  • Bring a partner as we don't rotate partners during the lesson or through the dance.
  • We teach basic steps through the dance so everyone can give all the dances a try.
  • The last half hour of the dance there will be no instruction so everyoe can practice what they've learned.

At this open dance...
We will start with a beginning Waltz lesson at 7:00 pm.  After the lesson we will play a variety of music and teach basic steps through the dance.  The last half hour is dedicated to dancing with no instruction. No experience required but please bring a partner as we don't rotate partners during the lesson or the dance.
Adult Open Dances
Teen Open Dances
Group Classes
Featured Dance
Featured Dance
Featured Dance
Friday June 7
7-9 PM
$20/ couple
$5/ student
7-9 PM
$5/ person
There are no group classes scheduled at this time.
About In-Studio Events

We offer two types of In-Studio Events: Open Dances and Group Classes. All In-Studio offerings are held periodcally and are one time events. Open Dances are broken down into adult and teen dances. Upcoming events are listed below. Policies for all events are listed at the bottom of the page.
All In Studio Event Policies